Own a domain that has been active for over 20 years


devel.com started as our own development platform back in 1996, and was eventually offered to others to use as a code repository.

Several years ago, a Major Software Vendor(tm) released a beta product with our site as the target of their new DDNS implementation. Even though DDNS is fairly low overhead, the beta was distributed widely enough that it flooded our poor little T1 network connection. We subsequently moved all our services off devel.com.

Today, developers use GitHub, GitLab, or a host of other free online source code control repositories, and ours is mostly abandoned. Likewise, our testing has moved to cloud platforms and we no longer need a dedicated domain and hardware.

So, we're cleaning house and getting ready to sell off the old vehicle. Interested in buying a domain that's been around longer than most of your developers have been alive? Watch this space.

We will auction off devel.com on Ebay or a similar platform in the coming weeks.